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Games I support (If you want to suggest anything, I'll take that into consideration): The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Portal, Assassin's Creed, LoL, Skyrim, GTA V, Tf2, and I'm too lazy to list out the rest, but I'll add more later.

Everything is sourced, so you'll know which artist created what. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDITS! Imagine you created an awesome whatever and showed it to other people, then you suddenly see it elsewhere and they don't care who made it in the first place. Kazam! All your hard work goes to waste.

If you're an artist and don't want your artwork to be displayed here, contact me and I'll get rid of it. I will always check your descriptions and main dA page to see if you already have a Tumblr account/if you have sharing issues, but I sometimes miss it.

Okay I lied.

It’s been a long time…I will be gone for a long time. Again. Meanwhile, game to your heart’s content!


Sorry guys, but I have exams going on right now (probably should’ve said so earlier), so I’m gonna be on hiatus until maybe…next week? Yeah, around that time. Seeya then!


The Last of Us Fan Art / Available here.


Borderlands - Lilith by BOMBATTACK


Battlefield 3 is free on PC until June 3rd. Claim your copy now!

Link’s evolution // YoshinoAkie


I’ve never personally played Persona 4 (don’t have the console) but, I remember seeing it once and being hooked to the colorful character designs and unique style. :3 Check them out :3


さよならダディ(Goodbye Daddy) - チョモランティア W16a


I fucking hate math.

That is all.


Left 4 Dead - Campaign Posters. (Am I the only one who like’s the cliche tagline’s?)


here the proper image without being separate ^^


Bravely Default - Agnes sketch

Infamous: Second Son

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